As the first tier of local government, all parish councils have the right to be consulted on planning applications. Herefordshire Council as our unitary authority advises us when an application has been submitted.

Parish Council’s can only make representations on planning applications, it is Herefordshire Council that decide the application based on national and local policies.  When making representations, the Parish Council also has to adhere to these policies.

Please click on the link below to search and view planning applications.  You will need to enter the planning application number.

Herefordshire Council planning website provides a lot of information about the various policies involved in deciding planning applications, as well as updated information relating to the Core Strategy – the local plan for Herefordshire. Click here to view the adopted Core Strategy documents.

Our next virtual planning meeting is:

Current planning issues

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Community Parish Plan

We have now completed the Community Parish Plan and this has been circulated to various locations within the parish.  Please click on the links below for your copy

Community Parish Plan
Parish Plan Summary – The Way Forward

We would like to thank everyone who has been involved with this process.

Last updated on April 22nd, 2014